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Pharmacologia Vol. 2 (5), 2011
Research Article
Ficus cordata Thunb (Moraceae) is a Potential Source of Some Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant Compounds
Hubert J.Donfack , Rodrigue T.Kengap , B.Ngameni , Pascal D.D.Chuisseu , Angele N.Tchana , DanielaBuonocore , Bonaventure T.Ngadjui , Paul F. Moundipa and Fulvio Marzatico
Abstract: Background: Degenerative diseases in general and toxic hepatitis in particular remains a serious public health problem. The in vitro hepatoprotective effect of the crude extract and isolated compounds from Ficus cordata Thunb (Moraceae) on the CCl4-induced liver cell damage as well as the possible antioxidant mechanisms involved in this protective effect, were investigated. The hepatoprotective activity of these compounds was tested in vitro against CCl4-induced damage in rat hepatoma cells. In addition, radical scavenging activity, β-Carotene-Linoleic Acid Model System, Ferric-Reducing Antioxidant Parameter and microsomal lipid peroxidation assays were used to measure antioxidant activity of crude extract and isolated compounds. Silymarin and trolox were used as standard references and respectively exhibited significant hepatoprotective and antioxydant activities. Results: The phytochemical investigation of this crude extract led to the isolation of five compounds identified as: β-amyrin acetate (1), Lupeol (2), Catechin (3), Epiafzelechin (4), Stigmasterol (5). These compounds showed significant hepatoprotective activities as indicated by their ability to prevent liver cell death and LDH leakage during CCl4 intoxication. Conclusion: These results suggest that the protective effects of the crude extract of Ficus cordata against the CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity possibly involve the antioxidant effect of some of these compounds.
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