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Pharmacologia Vol. 5 (4), 2014
Systematic Review Article
A Comprehensive Metaanalysis and Systematic Review on Effect of Genistein on Metabolic Syndrome
TejasP. Gosavi , V.Shiva Kumar , AmitD. Kandhare , AnandA. Zanwar , Mahabaleshwar V. Hegde and Subhash L. Bodhankar
Abstract: Background: Isoflavones such as genistein have shown substantial efficacy over the days in treatment of circulatory and cardiovascular diseases. Similarly metabolic diseases were also known to be ameliorated and greatly relieved from genistein. Some studies reported the ameliorative effect of genisteine on metabolic syndrome in relation to biochemical as well as physical parameters. The present investigation was carried to demonstrate the relation between genistein and metabolic syndrome. Materials and Method: A comprehensive search was conducted on following search engines: Pubmed, EMBASE, Google Scholar, Medscape, Plosone and Scopus. The following terms were used as key words in the database search: “Genistein”, “Metabolic syndrome”, “association” and “Randomized controlled trial”. Data was analyzed using RevMan v 5.0 analysis software. Results: Biochemical parameters representing metabolic syndrome such as low-density lipoprotein, triglycerides, total cholesterol, blood glucose levels, shown the substantial weight skewed in the favor for genistein treatment. On the contrary high-density lipoprotein remained uninfluenced with the treatment of genistein. The base line characteristics such as systolic and diastolic blood pressure have shown significant difference when compared to control arm, whereas, body mass index did not shown any considerable change. Conclusion: Genistein is effective in the treatment of metabolic syndrome but necessity of large number of high quality clinical trials remains obligatory.
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