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+ Volume 8, 2017
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Pharmacologia Vol. 8 (3), 2017
Research Article
Antifungal Activity of Lantana camara L. Leaf Extracts in Different Solvents Against Some Pathogenic Fungal Strains
Mudasir Fayaz , Musadiq Hussain Bhat , Mufida Fayaz , Amit Kumar and Ashok Kumar Jain
Abstract: Background and Objective: Out of a large number of plant species used for curing various ailments, there are certain species which are not used widely but occur immensely in major parts of the state. Folklore claims also support the uses of such species for curing various diseases. In the present study one of such species, Lantana camara (L. camara) have been selected to investigate the in vitro antifungal activities of the leaf extract in different solvents viz., acetone, chloroform, ethanol and methanol extracts of the selected plant Lantana camara. Methodology: Poisoned food technique was carried out to perform the antifungal activity of acetone, chloroform, ethanol and methanol extracts. Results: All the extracts of L. camara gave positive for all the phytoconstituents viz. alkaloids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, glycosides, phytosterols, phenols, proteins and amino acids, saponins and tannins. Among all the extracts ethanol and methanol extracts showed better results. Methanol leaf extract of L. camara showed broad antifungal activity against both the fungal strains. Terbinafine which was used as standard completely inhibited fungal growth of both Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus niger. Conclusion: The phytochemical screening and efficient antifungal activity of Lantana camara from the present investigation revealed that the methanol leaf extracts of the selected plant have significant potential to inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungal strains than other leaf extracts.
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