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+ Volume 8, 2017
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Pharmacologia Vol. 8 (2), 2017
Research Article
Spermatogenic and Histologic Evaluation of Imiprothrin in Male Reproductive System of Adult Wistar Rats
Akingbade Adebanji Modupe , Ojewale Abdulfatai Olakunle , Onyekuru Gift Uzochukwu , Olasehinde Oluwaseun Ruth , Ibitoye babatunde oluwaseun and Shanomi Elohor Victoria
Abstract: Objective The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of imiprothrin exposure on the testicular histology and sperm parameters using experimental animal model. Materials and Methods Weights of 20 male adult wistar rats were randomized into 4 groups (A-D) of 5 rats each. Rats in group A (control) were exposed to fresh air for 4 weeks, group B were exposed to 5 mL of imiprothrin for 3 weeks, group C were exposed to 5 mL of imiprothrin for 4 weeks and group D were exposed to 10 mL of imiprothrin for 4 weeks, via inhalation for 6 h daily, respectively. At the end of exposure duration, rats were sacrificed and the testes were excised and analyzed for histological changes. Sperm analysis including total sperm count, motility, body weight ratio, relative percentage of normal and abnormal sperms were recorded. The statistical significance between treated and control groups were analyzed by means of Student’s t-test. p<0.05 was considered significant. One-way ANOVA and SPSS was used for further analysis. Results The results obtained from this study showed a non-significant change in the gross anatomical parameters of the control group however, a significant (p<0.05) decrease in the testes, body weights and testis volumes in rats exposed to imiprothrin when compared to the control group. Rats exposed to imiprothrin showed significant decrease in sperm count, motility, sperm morphology and significant (p<0.05) increase in abnormal sperm morphology when compared to the control group. The groups of rats exposed to 5 and 10 mL via inhalation showed significant (p<0.05) decrease of basal seminiferous epithelial cells, marked testicular degeneration and hypospermatozoa formation compared to the control group. Conclusion Imiprothrin produces testicular derangement in testicular histology and sperm parameters in adult male wistar rats.
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