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+ Volume 8, 2017
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Pharmacologia Vol. 8 (1), 2017
Research Article
Oral Acute Toxicity and Estrogenic-Like Effects of the Aqueous Extract of Anthocleista schweinfurthii Gilg (Loganiaceae)
Ngoungoure Madeleine Chantal , Bilanda Danielle Claude , Dzeufiet Djomeni Paul Desire , Mballa Marguerite Francine , Mengue Ngadena Yolande Sandrine , Kameni Poumeni Mireille , Mbolang Nguegang Lohik , Dimo Theophile and Kamtchouing Pierre
Abstract: Background and Objective: Anthocleista schweinfurthii is used traditionally to manage female infertility and menopausal complaints. This study aimed to evaluate oral acute toxicity and potential estrogenicity of aqueous extract of Anthocleista schweinfurthii in ovariectomized rats. Materials and Methods: The acute toxicity was evaluated by administration of the extract at unique dose of 2000 mg kg–1. For estrogenic-like activity, thirty animals were sham-operated or ovariectomized. After 84 days of surgery, six groups of five rats each were daily treated orally during 28 days with: Distilled water for group 1 (sham-operated) and group 2 (ovariectomized), estradiol valerate (group 3) and the 3 doses of extracts [groups 4, 5 and 6 (ovariectomized)]. Evaluation of weight focused on uterus and aorta, biochemical evaluation focused on serum and aorta supernatant and histological evaluation focused on vagina and uterus. Data were assessed using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and post hoc Tukey’s test. Results: No behavioral abnormality was observed in rats treated with extract in comparison with normal animal. In relation to sham-operated control, ovariectomy induced dystrophy of vagina and uterine, a significant increase of aorta wet weight, total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL-cholesterol and malondialdehyde levels (in aorta) as well as an important decrease of HDL-cholesterol and nitrites levels (in aorta). Treatment with plant extract as well with estradiol induced differentiation of vaginal cornification in ovariectomized rats and increased vaginal epithelial cell, height of vagina and uterine epithelia. Furthermore, Anthocleista schweinfurthii improved lipid profile and oxidative stress status in aorta. Conclusion: Anthocleista schweinfurthii had low toxicity and shown estrogenic activity in ovariectomized rats by reducing certain post-menopausal symptoms.
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