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Role of Cysteine Proteases in the Mechanism of Action of the Anticonvulsants Levetiracetam and Carbamazepine and the Calpain Inhibitor Calpastatin in Pentylenetetrazole-kindled Rats
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
A Cross Sectional Study to Determine Risk Factors Associated with Prevalence of H. pylori Infection in Salivary Samples of Acid Peptic Disease Patients in Western India
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Extracts from the Leaves of Markhamia tomentosa (Benth.) K. Schum. (Bignoniaceae)
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Combined Analysis of mRNA Expression of Dopamine Receptors D1, D2 and cfos in Different Brain Regions of Stressed Rats
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
In vivo Evaluation of Antidiarrhoeal Activity of Methanol Extract, Fractions and Isolated Compounds from E. abyssinica Stem Bark
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Ulcer-protective and Antidiarrhoeal Effects of the Aqueous Stem Bark Extract of Bridelia ferruginea in Rodents
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Acute and Subacute Toxicity Studies of Alkaloids of Seeds and Synthetic Alkaloids of Datura stramonium in Female Rats
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Pharmacological Activities of Marine Bacteria Bacillus megaterium and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Evaluation of Adptogenic Activity of Extracts of Apium graveolens on Mice and Rats
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Characterization of Intestinal Transport of Vincristine in Rats Applying in situ Single Pass Intestinal Perfusion
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Modulation of Antipsychotic-induced Oxidative Stress by Selective and Non Selective COX2 Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Comparative Study of the Analgesic Activity of Two Iraqi Medicinal Plants, Ruta graveolens and Matricaria chamomilla Extracts
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Antibacterial Activity of the Ethyl Acetate Extract of Hypericum roeperanum Schimp. Ex A. Rich. (Guttifereae) and Their Secondary Metabolites
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Evauation of in vivo Wound Healing Activity of Moringa oleifera Bark Extracts on Different Wound Model in Rats
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
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