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+ Volume 8, 2017
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+ Volume 7, 2016
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Volume 7 Issue 2-3, 2016
Comparative Efficacy of Triclabendazole and Nitroxynil Against Fascioliasis in Goat at Government Goat Development Farm, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Improvement of Learning and Memory by Morin, A Flavonoid in Young and Aged Mice
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Inhibitory Effects of Propylthiouracil on Corticosterone Production in Rat Zona Fasciculata-Reticularis Cells
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Evaluation of the Sensitivity of Measles Virus and Herpes Simplex Virus-1 to Three Locally Available Herbs in Nigeria
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Antioxidant Activities and Chemical Constituents of Extracts from Cordyline fruticosa (L.) A. Chev. (Agavaceae) and Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb) Lindl, (Rosaceae)
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Ameliorative Effect of Ferulic Acid Against Acetic Acid Induced Ulcerative Colitis: Role of HO-1 and Nrf2
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Four Weeks Daily Dose Oral Administration Assessment of Cyperus esculentus L. Aqueous Extract on Key Metabolic Markers of Wistar Rats
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Withania somnifera Ameliorates Sodium Valproate Induced Austism in BALB/c Mice: Behavioral and Biochemical Evidences
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
In vitro α-amylase Inhibitory Effect and Antioxidant Activity of Teucrium barbeyanum (A Libyan Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant)
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
Protective Effect of n-butylidenephthalide Against 1, 2-dimethylhydrazine Induced Colon Cancer in Mice
Abstract   |   Fulltext    |    PDF  
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